Boost Your Website Speed and Security: Top 5 VPS Providers Compared

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Are you looking for a website that is speed-efficient? Website speed is crucial for higher search engine rankings. If you have already hosted on a shared hosting server and not achieving an expected outcome, managed VPS hosting services are the right option to prefer for an efficient outcome and a higher online ROI , considering factors such as windows vps server price.

If your website is experiencing any data security-related and reputation concerns, Indian vps providers services with managed support give ultimate performance and control. Windows OS users can also opt for the VPS hosting service. In this blog, we will explore some of the benefits of VPS hosting and top contenders in the industry offering a reliable VPS hosting service.

Why Choose VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting is an upgraded web hosting option that shared hosting users opt for. In this, multiple websites share the same resources in a single virtual server. With a VPS server, your website gets a hosting space in the virtualized environment with dedicated resources like CPU, RAM, and storage.

Here are the key advantages associated with it.

Enhanced Speed: Since you’re not competing with other websites for resources, your website enjoys faster loading times and smoother performance. This is crucial for a positive user experience and improved SEO ranking.

Increased Security: VPS hosting isolates your website from others on the same physical server. This means a security breach on another website won’t affect yours, keeping your data and visitors safe.

Scalability: As your website grows, you can easily scale your VPS resources up or down to meet your changing needs. This flexibility ensures your website can handle increased traffic without compromising performance.

Greater Control: With VPS hosting, you often have root access to your server environment. This allows you to install custom software, configure security settings, and fine-tune your website for optimal performance.

Top VPS Providers Compared

Now that you understand the benefits of VPS hosting, let’s look at some of the leading providers:


MilesWeb tops this list by offering managed and self-managed VPS hosting service providers. The web host offers VPS hosting services for both Linux OS and Windows OS. Get an additional control panel (cPanel) at half of the market price of the industry. Also, MilesWeb offers competitive pricing plans and robust features that facilitate maximum uptime. They offer affordable plans for budget-conscious users.

MilesWeb is committed to delivering 99.95% uptime, 1 Gbps network, and unmetered bandwidth that gives performance assurance. Their VPS hosting servers are compatible with the latest frameworks, software, and updates ensuring a streamlined e-business operation. Get the leverage of add-ons like Server security suite, 360 monitoring, and others to achieve maximum online success.

Cost: Plans start at ₹840 per month.


Hostinger is the next name that lies on our list. It is also a VPS hosting option for budget-conscious users. Their plans include features like free backups, dedicated IP addresses, and root access. They also boast an intuitive VPS dashboard that simplifies server management. However, the claimed network speed of Hostinger is lesser than MilesWeb. Users have to satisfy themselves with a 300 Mbps network speed.

Hostinger believes that security is the paramount factor for website owners. Thus, VPS hosting users of Hostinger get the Wanguard DDoS filtering security feature to their VPS hosting services to protect servers from potential DDoS attacks.

Cost: Plans start at ₹1449 per month.


Known for its developer-friendly environment, DigitalOcean offers a wide variety of VPS configurations with high-performance SSD storage. Their competitive pricing makes it easy to find a plan that fits your needs. One major limitation of this VPS hosting service provider is that all of their infrastructure is cloud-based.

So, there is no physical server to host websites or applications. Also, in India, there are no servers located. MilesWeb on the other hand provides cloud VPS and Linux VPS hosting options with Indian data center locations. According to our findings, DigitalOcean requires more technical expertise to manage compared to some other providers.

Cost: Plans start at ₹1420 per month.


For businesses requiring high availability and robust security features, Kamatera is a strong contender. They offer a variety of managed VPS plans that include proactive server monitoring, DDoS protection, and firewalls. While their pricing may be slightly higher than some other providers, the peace of mind and enhanced security features can be well worth it.

Kamatera claims to have 18 data centers located worldwide. All of their plans are scalable and users can enjoy greater control and flexibility of software installation and configuration.

Cost: Plans start at ₹1320 per month.


Vultr provides VPS instances, which act like virtual machines within a physical server. This means you get dedicated CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth. No more competing with other users for resources, ensuring consistent performance for your projects.

Vultr boasts a global network of data centers, allowing you to choose a server location closest to your target audience. This can significantly reduce latency and improve website loading times for your visitors.

Cost: Plans start at ₹1000 per month.

Key Takeaways

Upgrading to a VPS hosting plan is an investment in your website’s future. By providing dedicated resources, improved security, and greater control, VPS empowers you to deliver a faster, more reliable experience for your visitors. This not only enhances user satisfaction but can also lead to better search engine rankings and increased conversions.

We explored several top VPS providers in this comparison, but MilesWeb stands out for its balance of features, affordability, and exceptional customer support. Their commitment to high-performance infrastructure, robust security measures, and user-friendly management tools make them a perfect choice for businesses of all sizes.


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